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Family Immigration

Seeing the families reunited in Canada is one of the main objectives of immigration Canada. So do ours.

Family members are encouraged to reunite their loved ones in Canada through various federal and provincial programs. There are different requirements for the sponsor and the sponsored person in all the all four streams of the family immigration. Sometimes it could be hard for the people to follow all the important but ever changing regulations.

We provide you tailor made solutions, professional guidance and educate you about the immigration rules and regulations which apply to your application. All that, at very competitive prices.

Spousal or common law partner sponsorship:

Canadian Permanent residents and Citizens of 18 years or older can sponsor their spouses or common law partners abroad.

There are very specific definitions of who can be a sponsor or a sponsored person and a very specific set of conditions and exception apply on sponsor or sponsored person in Canadian Immigration Law. Hence, it becomes extremely important to make sure that sponsor meets the requirements of a sponsor and the sponsored person meets all the eligibility requirements. Without the proper knowledge of the Family immigration laws, one may jeopardize their chances of being accepted.

If you live in the province of Quebec, there are added steps in order to sponsor your spouse or common law partner.

We will be glad to help you with Family sponsorship. Besides filling all the forms, we will explain you the whole sponsorship process and also keep you updated throughout the process in timely manner. We want you to stay confident all the time.

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Sponsor your dependent children:

Dependent children can be sponsored to come to Canada as permanent resident and live with their parents.

A dependent child is a biological child or the adopted child of the sponsoring parent. The dependent child is under age of 19 and does not have a spouse or common-law partner, or if is 19 years of age or older and has depended largely on the financial support of a parent since before age 19 because of a physical or mental condition.

The sponsor needs to prove the relationship with the sponsored child in genuine in order to get the visa for the Child. The adopted child of the parent. A very specific process is in place for the adopted children

There is a possibility of sponsoring your eligible close relatives for the permanent residence.

It would be our pleasure to discuss with you the possibilities to sponsor your child to come to Canada.

Parents and grandparents sponsorship:

Canadian residents and citizens are eligible to sponsor their parents and grandparents to come to Canada under family class. There are specific requirements for the sponsored person to eligible to sponsor their parents or grandparents. These requirements entails the financial requirements to be met by the sponsor and co-signer, Fulfilment of all previous sponsorship agreements or any support payments ordered by court, never having to take the financial assistance except for disability reason or matters pertaining to criminal offences.

Sponsored person needs to meet the medical requirements and should not be inadmissible on criminal grounds. Also there is a cap of 10,000 application per year for the parents and grandparents which general fills within days.

We can work very hard on your application and make a timely plan so that you can count yourself in the selected ones.