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Do you know that about Québec ?

Quebec is the largest province in Canada.
Quebec is the second most populous province in Canada after Ontario.

Although French is the official language for the province of Quebec, but there are many English spoken areas in the province of Quebec including west Island of Montreal, Montreal Downtown area, Eastern townships, outaouais and Gaspé regions.

Quebec have a strong and stable economy and Quebec economy being second most influential province in Canada. Quebec have substantial natural resources, very strong industry in the sectors of Aerospace, IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals industry etc.

Montreal is the biggest city in the Province of Quebec and second most populous city in Canada with population of about 4.2 Million (Greater Montreal area). In 2016 Montreal was ranked 7th-best Student city among all the cities ranked in the world to be a university student.

Montreal is the highest visited city in Canada and North America's leading city for hosting international events including International Jazz festival, Grand PRIX Formula 1, Just for laughs, Tennis Rogers cup and many more. Quebec population is getting older at a fast pace. Therefore the province of Quebec have high needs of Immigration and skilled workers in different streams. Quebec programs are designed to attract skilled immigrants from differ

Quebec Immigration

Quebec is the only province in Canada with exclusive rights to choose its own immigrants. Quebec has one of the highest growth of international students because of its unique and well-designed immigration programs for students.

For international students, it is much easier to receive the Canadian PR in Quebec than elsewhere in Canada under current immigration rules. The first step to request for Quebec immigration is the request for CSQ (Certificate de sélection du Quebec). One CSQ is received then the candidates apply for PR where CIC just verify the medical and background check.

Quebec Immigration Regular skilled worker program

Quebec Immigration Regular skilled worker program Quebec skilled worker program is different than federal skilled worker program. Quebec skilled worker program is managed by the Ministre d'Immigration, Diversité and Inclusion (MIDI). As of January 2016, Candidates for QSWP needs to submit their profile through Mon Projet Québec (Available in French only). Mon projet québec portal enables the candidates to submit their profile for CSQ, make changes to their profile, pay the fees and follow up the status of their application.

There is annual intake Quota of 10,000 applications. Quota for April 1, 2016 to March, 2017 have already been filled. Once the application is open, Applications are accepted based on first come first serve basis. Candidates with validated job offer or temporary residents in Québec (Students and People working on work permit) are exempted from the quota if they fulfil the eligibility conditions.

Quebec Experience program (PEQ): A simplified and fast tracked process

Quebec experience program is an accelerated program aimed to promote the immigration for the students and workers which are already in the province of Quebec and aware of work culture, Québec values and French Language.

Who can qualify to apply under PEQ

  • Quebec graduates : You can apply under PEQ program if you have completed an eligible Québec diploma and have completed advanced
  • PEQ – Temporary foreign worker