Canadian refugee and asylum system is one of the most generous system among all the developed countries. The objective of the Canadian refugee system is to save lives and offer protection to the displaced and persecuted.

A conventional refugee according to 1951 Geneva Convention on status of refugees, is the person who is outside their country of nationality or country of residence due to well-founded fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, member of particular social group or political opinion.

A person in need of protection is a person in Canada whose removal to their country of nationality or, if they do not have a country of nationality, their country of former habitual residence, would subject them personally to a danger of torture or risk to their life or risk of cruel treatment.

The claim can be filed at the port of entry in Canada or in an immigration office in Canada after the arrival. The process of choosing the refugees from outside Canada and bringing them in Canada is called resettlement. The people must satisfy the definition of a refugee and must be outside their country nationality of country of residence. There are several sponsorship programs to help settle refugees in Canada.

Refugee is very complex and cumbersome process and entails court proceedings. Moreover,d the changes introduced in 2012 to the Canadian refugee and Asylum process made the process very objective and fast tracked. Therefore, a good representation for your refugee claim is highly recommended.

We have the required knowledge and competencies to help you with your refugee claim. We can also represent you for the detention reviews and Refugee appeals in case of refusal.

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