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Students (Study and work permits):

Canada ranks as the world's 7th most popular destination for international students & students come from all over the world to study in Canada. There were 336,497 international students in Canada in 2014, representing an 83% increase since 2008, and an increase of 10% over the previous year.

International students brings enormous cultural diversity in Canada, skills and economical contributions to Canada. Most of the students wants to continue further studies in Canada, Work temporarily on work permit and apply for permanent residence.

We can help you with:

  • Admission process: We will not only determine your eligibility, but also help you determine the program and the institution. Since we are affiliated with many educational institutions in Canada and our experience as study consultants will ensure a smooth and stress free admission process.
  • Study permits: We can file study permits after receiving the admission letters.
  • Extension of study permits or work permits: We can help students with the extension of their stay and permits.
  • Permanent residency: We can assess you after the completion of your studies and help filing the permanent residency application.